nike store uk Cent Tax on Paper and Plastic

Cent Tax on Paper and Plastic Bags

Many businesses that I associate with support nike store uk Mr. Wells’s bill, which would impose a five cent tax on paper and plastic bags at a variety of businesses. We know nike store uk that we have as much at stake in the health of the Anacostia River as everyone else.

As local businesses, we want to be part of the solution. In fact, many of us believe that the bill doesn’t go far enough. A five cent surcharge may help to clean up the Anacostia, but it will not change people’s habits. A much higher tax is required to steer consumers toward reusable bags or toward declining bags altogether for small purchases. We suggest a 25 cent surcharge per bag.

Opponents of the nike store uk bill are reverting to the use of race and class in an effort to derail this sensible legislation. They argue that the law would disproportionately hurt the poor. But they wrongly assume that the poor have no interest in a clean environment or cannot be responsible citizens.

Everyone wins when the Anacostia is clean. It is time for the District to take the lead nike store uk and put an end to the use of disposable bags. Mr. Wells’s bill is a good place to start.