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cent plastic bag fee would help restore Barnegat Bay

The proposal to charge consumers a 5 cent fee for each plastic bag they use at the supermarket checkout and other retail outlets is a smart solution to our waste plagued environment. Sen. Bob Smith (D Middlesex), the primary sponsor of the bill, calls it environmental two fer because it will reduce the waste stream and raise money to restore Barnegat Bay.

Retailers would have to charge the fee beginning in 2014, and offer only recyclable paper or plastic bags by 2015. They have the option of rewarding customers who use reusable bags. A bag fee is a good idea, and much better than an earlier proposal that would have banned plastic bags altogether.

Who hasn grimaced at seeing a landscape despoil nike store uk ed by shreds of a plastic bag flapping off a tree branch, or snagged on shrubbery? And we don need to tell you what happens when plastic bags clog storm drains.

Closer to home is the deterioration of Barnegat Bay, caused in large part from overdevelo nike store uk pment and the run off of fertilizers. Gov. Chris Christie pledged early in his term to clean up the bay. He has some achievements in this area, including the planned shutdown of the Oyster Creek nuclear plant that has warmed the bay water and led to its decline. He also signed off on new controls for the use of fertilizers. Funds have been dedicated for improved storm water basins.

All good, but not nearly enough to reverse the continuing onslaught of pollutants and heal Barnegat Bay at last. Christie blocked bills that woul nike store uk d have charged fees to developers and homeowners in Ocean County to clean the bay, and conditionally vetoed another bill that would have finally nike store uk set standards for how much pollution to permit in the bay.