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cent grocery bag fee to cut back on plastic bags

The m nike store uk easure is expected to be voted on in the next few weeks.

“The bags get stuck in storms drains, they cause flooding and they litter our beaches,” said Councilwoman Margaret Chin of Manhattan, one of the co sponsors of the legislation, according to AP. “And they cost New York City a lot of money.”

New York City residents go through 5.2 billion disposable plastic bags annually and it costs the city $10 million to haul used bags to landfills, a nike store uk ccording to supporters of the bill.

The 10 cent fee that also would apply to paper bags is an incentive for shoppers to use their own reusable bags.

Money raised from bag sales benefit the store owners; it’s n nike store uk ot a tax. The fee would apply not only to grocery stores but also to other retail stores. It wouldn’t apply to restaurant deliveries or most s nike store uk treet food carts.

Shoppers who use public assistance programs to buy food wouldn’t be charged for bags.11 great recipes to make the most of grapefruit