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Case revived against councillor over swan on property

Erin Coun. Lou Maieron, owner of Silver Creek Aquaculture, was at the Ontario Court of Appeal in Toronto on July 15, as the Crown received a leave to appeal Justice Norman Douglas’ decision to enter a judicial stay on the prosecution of a federal charge that saw Maieron go to trial briefly in February.

“I don’t have the unlimited resources of the Crown,” said a frustrated Maieron Friday, adding that he has made six court appearances so far.

Maieron was charged last summer with possession of a migratory bird without a permit. In the midst of his February trial, justice of the peace Jeanette De Jong stayed the proceedings upon learning the Crown proposed to call a second wildlife officer present in the courtroom during the testimony of the first Crown witness.

Douglas made his decision after he found De Jo nike shoes ng erred in her decision as there wasn’t an order excluding witnesses.

“While he set out no basis for doing so in his reasons, his comments during submissions seem to indicate that he disapproved of the lay nike shoes ing of the charge in the first place because the matter was not serious given that the swan had not been injured in any way,” Ju nike shoes stice Russell G. Juriansz said, of Douglas’ decision.

Juriansz said in the evidence heard at the beginning of the trial Maieron admitted to the wildlife officer that he had fed the swan on his property, from time to time confined it in a cage and didn’t have a permit but intended to get one.

During the leave to appeal hearing, Maieron told Juriansz the bird simply arrived at his farm and didn’t leave like all the other birds that had done so.

“If I require a permit for this swan, then in my thinking, I require a permit for all the migratory birds that come through here,” Maieron said in his interview.

Juriansz said had the trial been completed, Maieron might likely have been acquitted. In the interest of the “administration of justice,” Juriansz granted the Crown leave to appeal.

Federal lawyer Lisa Csele said the Crown is appealing Douglas’ decision to allow for a “trial on the merits” to happen.

Maieron might be acquitted, she said, nike shoes adding though that the Crown believes there is a reasonable prospect of conviction.

Meanwhile, Maieron is urging people to write their member of Parliament to say the federal charge against him is wasting taxpayers’ money. He is also selling compostable garbage bags, selling trout and accepting donations to fund his legal battle.