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Capri Sun Bag Tutorial

Where you stitch the handles is up to you. They could be attached on the inside our outside of the bag, right at the top or a few inches down.

The most important part of sewing on the handles is sewing them on securely. Straight stitch a rectangle at the end of the strap. Then, sew an in the middle of the rectangle. Backstitch or zigzag to secure.

At this point nike id , you can cut a piece of cardboard to fit in the bottom of the bag, or use as is. This makes a fantastic reusable grocery bag. Take it to the store and buy some more drink pouches. just to see what the cashier says.

The Finished Bag: See the finished Capri Sun Bag. When you are done with this project, we would love to see it. Upload a photo. You could be featured on the DIY Fashion blog, in our newsletter and all the social media nike id in between. I love to get the word out about great handmade work.

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