CCTV of London bombers shoppin

CCTV of London bombers shopping for supplies at B shown to hearing

The 7/7 bombers were caught on CCTV buying the final supplies for their deadly mission in the days before the attacks, the inquest heard today.

They purchased pliers and light bulbs at a B hardware store and made an early morning visit to an Asda supermarket for bags of ice to keep their homemade bombs cool.

Plot ringleader Mohammed Sidique Khan was also filmed visiting Dewsbur y Hospital in West Yorkshire with his heavily pregnant partner, Hasina Patel, two days before the attacks.

CCTV footage of the suicide attackers calmly making their final preparations was played at the inquests into the deaths of the 52 innocent victims of the London bombings on July 7 2005.

Khan, 30, Shehzad Tanweer, 22, and Hasib Hussain, 18, visited the B store in Beeston Road, Leeds, on July 4.

The men are seen arriving in the blue Nissan Micra hire car rented by Tanweer from July 4 to 8 which would be used to transport them from Leeds to Luton on the morning of the attacks.

After parking the vehicle, they enter the store at about 1.50pm and Khan goes over to the returns desk with an item in his hand.

The thre e men then walk up the aisles looking for the products they need before paying for them and leaving.

A B receipt found at Khan’s Dewsbury home after the bombings, showed he bought three sets of pliers and two 50 watt bulbs.

The inquests have already heard that an improvised explosives detonator made from a light bulb was discovered at the terrorists’ bomb factory in Leeds.

The next day, Khan and Ms Patel were caught on camera arriving at Dewsbury Hospital in the same blue Nissan Micra.

Khan and Tanweer were also filmed shopping at the Asda superstore in Pudsey, Leeds, the day before the bombings.

Arriving in the Nissan Micra at about 5.20am on July 6, they select a trolley and Khan leads the way to the freezer section as staff restock the shelves.