Candy Coated Handbags

A handbag is a girl’s best friend, her trusty sidekick and usually her most imp nike ortant accessory. Choosing a seasonal handbag is no joke, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun with it!

This spring Furla lanuched their Candy Coated collection of transparent handbags. They are so cute and yummy that you really could eat them up. They remind me of the jelly shoes that we all (admittedly) wore in the 80’s and that actually came back in style last year.

This collection comes in a variety of colors including black and clear. Most of the bags have the jelly like appearence without being too transparent that show all of your belongings. However, there are a few ultra transparent bags that will tell all, if you so choose. The bag has a sleek sterling silver zipper with lock that resemble the Louis Speedy edition. This bag starts at $195.00 nike ; not a bad deal if you ask me.

These bags a nike re perfect for spring and I have a strong feeling that they will be a liminted edition. So if you have the opportunity snag one while you can. They are the perfect combo between chic and sweet.

Candy cane is white because Jesus was white

Horice Hymes asked his 7 year old daughter an innocent question about what she learned in school on Monday. He found her answer horrifying.

“She told me, ‘I learned that the white on the candy cane stands for Jesus, because he was white'” Hymes said, “and the red on the candy cane was for the blood that he shed, and if you flip it upside down, the ‘J’ stands for Jesus.”

Hymes’ daughter was a first grader at DeBary Elementary School, but he and his wife have since pulled her from the school, outraged that religion was even part of the curriculum, much less teaching their child, who is African American, that Jesus was white.

Nancy Wait, with the Volusia County School District, said the lesson was part of a “Holidays Around the World” lesson, but a substitute teacher in Hymes’ daughter’s class used a certain book, which wasn’t supposed to be used, to teach a religious representation of the candy cane.

“This book was very religious in content and should not have been used,” said Wait. “Religion is not part of the public school system. So, that was done in error.”

Wait said the “Holidays Around the World” lessons will continue to be taught in Volusia County schools. However, the candy cane lesson is out, along with the book used for that lesson.

Hymes, though, said it’s too late.

“The damage is done, because now’s she’s questioning what we are teaching her,” he said.

Hymes said his family is talking to a lawyer and considering civil litigation for teaching their child a Christmas lesson that they feel confused her more than anything else.

Obviously Jesus was not white He lived in the Middle East The parents have a right to be upset at the ignorance and inappropriate use of religion in public school But they should use this as a lesson to their child that sometimes adults make mistakes I would not sue over this the school system is way too underfunded already and the school had no way of knowing this substitute would use the outdated lesson Well actually if the lesson was still available they might have a case the school should have thrown away the obsolete material so the sub wouldn have had access to it Still I wouldn sue over something like this

From this clip yes I nike understand your comments But the parents tried to reach out to the principle I witnessed the entire phone conversation The Principle requested detailed information regarding the reason the parents wanted to meet The parents wanted to discuss this issue face to face and where declined by the principle because they refused to give her the details over the phone Thus happened the very day the little girl came home Due to the principle not having an open door to meet with the parents they then went to the school board Guess nike what still no results Everyone was worried about tine bad going home It wasn until a member of the family demanded to speak with someone otherwise they will seek legal counsel is when they decided to send someone out from legal Imagine if the parents weren aggressive and left the school board still frustrated as they where They went thru the proper channels and no results It wasn until the media involvement the principle decided to contact the parents to heinie their request for a meeting that was originally declined by her Besides religion is prohibited in public school probably for a good reason Their are too many opinions when it discussed and furthermore parents want their child to have the same beliefs as them Keeps confusion down Not certain if they are wanting to sue the school for the confusion They wanting someone to reap the consequences for breaching the rules and no one was willing to meet with the parents until now Forget what the board is telling the media I was present from the time they tried to reach out to the principle the school board attempt and still is The question is as a parent what would you do

People need to lighten up seriously agree that it should not be taught in school but I feel that should be true about most holiday celebrations Leave it to the families to deal with the holiday season how they see fit But so what if someone confused the kid That what parents are there for If I went through life thinking that no would ever try to lie to or twist the truth to my kids then I would be a fool Everybody lies to your kids It up to you as parents to develop a bond of trust so your kids know who to believe in the end

This is what happens when you live in a world that you can not hurt a persons feelings without getting in trouble Political correctness Utopia etc never has and never will work Instant gratifaction is all anyone knows now can I get for free My feelings were hurt I am confessed I will sue My daughter was told in high school by her teacher if she did not take a certain cl she would never amount to anything having a 3 plus GPA had a hard time getting through to the principal school board etc but never thought about suing We finally got ahold of the board and got things taking care of Get real people grow up there are alot of other things in life that will confess our children Merry Christmas

Seems like you all should lighten up When you send your child to school you expect for them to be taught the right thing Sometimes they do and sometimes they don When you are a concerned parent like this father you try to address issues and concerns that your child may have by teaching your child but you also take the time to speak with the person responsible to resolve the matter JUST LIKE HE DID This issue could have been resolved if only the meeting would have taken but again that didn happen So you tell me what does it take I bet they are standing at ATTENTION now

So you are upset that your kid was told by a teacher during a lesson about different cultures around the world and their beliefs that a candy cane was red and white to represent Jesus being white and shedding his blood you are totally ok to teach your kid that sueing and making money off a mistake REALLY How hard is it to say many people believe different things and this is something that some people choose to believe in but we as a family do not Also people make mistakes in life and talking about religion in school was a mistake the teacher made But we forgive everyone mistakes because THAT is what we WANT to teach you no trash bags will act like trash bags and seek to make a quick and dishonest buck any which way they can DISGUSTING

How many times have you read a story to your kid asked them what it was about and gotten some offbeat mixed up answer I betting the substitute teacher posed the question to the cl do you think the white stands for and one of the kids guessed that it stood for the color of Jesus skin And since EVERYTHING is about color that what the child remembered one kids honest guess to a question Why why why must we continue shoving color wars down our kids throats Kids don learn to be prejudice or to perceive prejudice on their own Someone is teaching them and it all got to stop Suing will do much more harm than good

Jesus was born into a Jewish family because God chose to reveal himself to the whole world through the Jews Race is completely immaterial He is the Lord of ALL creation God of ALL peoples ALL of whom He created in His image SPIRITUAL image NOT a physical one What matters is that God chose to come into the world in the form of a man to walk among us to experience all that we experience in this world to teach us truth to reveal God the Father to us and finally to die to pay the penalty for all the sin of the world so that through His atoning death and resurrection ALL PEOPLE who willingly receive His gift of salvation are reconciled to God forgiven and restored to a right relationship with Him He is Lord of ALL creation of ALL people Praise God from Whom all blessings flow

This is just so unfortunate I agree that this could have been a misunderstanding on part of the child represents Jesus because He is pure and sinless and she equated that to Jesus being white Now if it was represented that Jesus is white that obviously an inaccuracy given that he was of Jewish descent and most likely was darker skinned

HOWEVER to say that you are going to sue over something or not like this is ridiculous As parents we are constantly in need our children grace and forgiveness as we fumble through and make mistakes This grace and forgiveness should be extended to others as well Hoping that this family will recognize that this is not a situation for financial gain but more a teachable moment for their sweet little one

Sue Handy December 19 2013 8 AM has the best answer of all Jesus was born into a Jewish family because God chose to reveal himself to the whole world through the Jews Race is completely immaterial He is the Lord of ALL creation God of ALL peoples ALL of whom He created in His image SPIRITUAL image NOT a physical one What matters is that God chose to come into the world in the form of a man to walk among us to experience all that we experience in this world to teach us truth to reveal God the Father to us and finally to die to pay the penalty for all the sin of the world so that through His atoning death and resurrection ALL PEOPLE who willingly receive His gift of salvation are reconciled to God forgiven and restored to a right relationship with Him He is Lord of ALL creation of ALL people Praise God from Whom all blessings flow

The principal probably didn want to deal with ye nike t ANOTHER ignorant family taking things out of context A principal has to deal with an ENTIRE school body That means children faculty staff the district EVERYONE INVOLVED WITH THEIR CHILD EDUCATION And like another poster commented that children misunderstand everything is completely accurate granted the child has an eidectic memory which is a rarity especially in this new generation People need to stop getting so riled up about religion Is that the reason why they don show the Christmas cl cartoons anymore Because they involved religion There are a few aspects of the Christmas holiday that contain pagan influences however it is about JESUS CHRIST Get over I rememeber as recently as 10 years ago people were not ashamed to be identified as Christian and idiotic ignoramuses didn make a big stink about it either This age of technology has breeded a crop of self ignorant jack who feel the need to express their opinion over everything they don agree with Be respectful of other people religions lifetyles etc if you expect to BE respected You can have one without the other

Seems the parents have racial issues From what I recall the original translated versions of the bile er I mean bible were from Greek and Hebrew What color are they I am also suing my parents They told me Santa the Easter bunny and the tooth fairy was real just like the parents of this depraved child lie to it Go figure My parents never said if any of them was black white or any other color Is the tooth fairy gay Santa is in red and white is he pure The red must symbolize the blood he shed because he didn fit into those small chimleys and got scraped up Get some cl ss offended parents you all lie like the teacher does

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candy bars out of my house or How I am doing on Weight Watchers

In a corollary post to the earlier one, I wanted to give you guys a Weight Watchers check in. I finished my second full week on Saturday.

The first week I was very good. I had more than 50 points left over including four hour nike s of exercise points. And the hard work showed I dropped three pounds the first week.

The second week I think I was trying to see how how many bad choices you could make and still drop weight (I had a cupcake at Walsh’s BB party and the next night a bratwurst and almond bread, The points go much faster that way!) I only exercised three hours last week and only dropped 1 pound (I would four ounces from it being 2 pounds but that didn count!)

Now that’s still 4 pounds in two week so I do feel good about that. However, these last few days I have encountered some challenges.

I bought at Costco the $13 giant freaking bag of mini candy bars to give out tonight. The bag got opened to send some candy to school events and that my friends has been a big problem. It’s just way too easy to dip in and feel like “Oh it’s not a big deal, such an itty bitty candy bar couldn’t be that bad for you!’ But they do add up (literally!) The Weight Watchers website advises leaving the wrappers out so you can keep count. I do think that is good advice. I just can’t wait to give all this candy away and be done with it. (I know the kids will get candy but I am particular about the kind of like, plus I feel more guilty pulling from the pumpkins than I do out of a bag.)

Even though I think I am a week out, I am feeling very premenstrual and wanting to snack on salty and sweet like crazy!! I am more in control of the salty but the sweet I am not doing well fighting the urge.

I looked on the Weight Watchers website to see if there were any articles to fight PMS binging but it’s not there. Any advice is welcome.

I do think that Weight Watchers is great for making you rethink all your eating. I now am turning to fruit first since it a zero while I try to figure out what to eat this healthy and will satisfy me (ie sweet or salty or crunchy). I also am aware now of how much and how often I was eating before.

Because you are eating regular food, I don the kids are aware at all that I doing it. I just putting less oil on the meats and veggies I roast and am making more stuff with turkey like turkey sausages with whole wheat pasta.

Is the candy in your house making you crazy? Is it just as bad in their pumpkins as in the bags or do you feel worse stealing from them? How do you knock out PMS cravings?

Update: I just ran across a story about Weight Watchers CEO talking about is personal weight loss and how healthy habits are more important than discipline. He also talks about Weight Watchers may become more involved in the anti obesity movement.

Theresa, first of all, congrats on the 4 lbs.

I was late to the last thread and don know if you saw my comment. Huckabee wrote a great diet book. it not A diet, it HOW to diet, things and mindsets to adopt that work with any diet. He doesn advocate any one diet over another. It a great book, you should read it. (It also apolitical, so don worry there lol). it has less fat per 4 ounce serving than turkey. I usually catch it at Kroger when they buy to much and mark it down. My wife has a recipe for homemade granola that is zero fat, very little sugar and easy to make. I get the recipe and ask my neighbor (who has lost 75 lbs on WW), to figure out how many points it is and nike send it to you if you would like. It sweet, you could add salt lol, (or salty nuts), and it quick and easy to make. I like it and I don usually like granola.

Update on the weight I dropped another pound between Saturday and today so down 5 after two weeks and two days so that is good!!

Fred I will check out the Laura beef

i have two giant bags of candy the second bag is all skittles and sugar stuff and I haven;t touched that one it the chocolate and the caramel that is making me crazy!

JJ I have been doing the pickles the pickles are great for salty and as far as I can tell they are O!!!

The other thing I am noticing is I am stopping at the store to buy fruit like twice a week the kids have always done a good job on their fruit but with me added in there we are eating tons of it. So los of r nike un ins for fruit and fat free milk, which I forgot this morning when I got the fruit!!!Theresa I made a TERRIBLE mistake on WW. I a sugar junkie and I decided to buy WW cookies, brownies, and snack cakes, thinking it only 2 3 points. Well, sure, that goo nike d that they small and I end up eating 2 of them! Don tempt yourself by buying something you can control your cravings for. I down about 8 pounds but it taken me a long time. I like to eat too dang much I like CHOCOLATE to dang much. Thank goodness I only 5 pounds from my weight. (I don really care as long as I never get to the weight I was before.) Plus I went to a birthday party on Saturday and I was BANGING in this sweater dress. Long as I am more curvy on my butt than my gut I good. LOLI am on week 4 of WW and as we officially begin the holiday season, I can tell you I am getting nervous. We learned at our meeting yesterday that the average person gains 15 pounds during the holiday seasons, no thank you. I found a great crustless pumpkin pie recipe that is only 1 point per slice. This might help you with your sweet craving and it will be great to whip up during the holidays. Also, check out the Whitman weight watchers candy which is a point per serving, but not the most filling in the world. My biggest suggestion is to really look for some great WW friendly blogs. One of my favorites is Hungry Girl who posts amazing dessert recipes with the WW Points Plus already calculated.