care waste a risk to the public

Danger lurks in the disposal of Alberta health care wastes.

From overfilled waste bags, unmarked dangerous chemicals and gas tanks with potentially explosive materials, weaknesses in Alberta Health Services health care waste management could be putting people at risk, said Auditor General Merwan Saher.

potential risks are significant in terms of human health, environmental contamination and organizational reputation, says Saher report released this week.

Auditors observed inconsistencies in waste handling; a larger hospital had more rigorous handling procedures, while a smaller nike uk hospital had some biomedical waste bags sitting on the floor rather nike uk than in boxes; some waste bags were overfilled, and some pails for sharp items didn have lids in place.

At seven southern Alberta sites, instances were found where some chemicals weren properly labelled or even labelled at all. Incompatible wastes weren properly segregated, which could lead to ignition or explosion. Some chemicals requiring special handling didn have adequate precautions in place. In one case, gasoline fuel tanks were present in the chemical storage area.

The 106 page document says AHS has failed to assign responsibility for oversight of health care wastes at all sites, and doesn have in place a way to know vendors paid to dispose of wastes have done so properly.

NDP MLA Rachel Notley said Merwan finding that untracked procedures getting wastes from the hospital to the disposal endpoint amounts to extreme health hazard to the public.

is blood borne pathogens, some types of drugs which are incredibly toxic, that can impact reproductive capacity, that have radiation features. There some highly toxic wastes that come out of hospitals and they need to be managed absolutely properly from the point that they are created t nike uk o the point that they are disposed of, she said.

Hea nike uk lth care wastes are produced at 573 of the 938 sites operated by AHS and 72 of the 112 sites operated by contracted service provides.

Two contractors dispose of most of AHS biomedical waste. A third company holds the contract for hazardous/chemical waste management. Wild fluctuations in cost structure reflect higher costs of pickup in some locations, the report found.

something I have talked about with AHS. I think they take it seriously they got in mind the steps to address those findings as well, he said.

care staff to remove catheters reduces infections

Reminding health care staff to remove catheters reduces infections by half

U M researchers found the most common hospital acquired infection is significantly reduced with simple, low cost interventions

Ann Arbor, Mich. Urinary catheters are often left in place longer than needed, and new research shows that reminder systems that encourage hospital staff to remove catheters promptly can reduce the rate of catheter associated urinary tract infections by 52 percent.

The review and meta analysis was published July 30 in the journal, Clinical Infectious Diseases. The catheter associated urinary tract infection (CAUTI) is the most common hospital acquired infection an nike uk d was the first complication chosen for non payment by Medicare, beginning in late 2008. Other insurers have now followed suit. They found that reminder systems that prompt hospital staff to assess and remove catheters on a routine basis reduced the rate of catheter associated urinary tract infections by 52%.

“We are also excited about the potential for reminder systems to have a cascade of benefits to patients beyond prevention of CAUTI, because reducing catheter use can improve patient comfort, reduce bloodstream infections, reduce need for antibiotics, improve patient mobility and decrease length of stay,” says Meddings, a clinical lecturer in U M’s Department of Internal Medicine.

Urinary catheters are commonly placed to drain bladders in hospitalized patients. Unfortunately, catheters are often left in place longer than needed because doctors forget the catheter is still being used or do not routinely assess if it is still needed. Having a catheter increases the patient’s risk for catheter associated urinary tract infections, bloodstream infections, and other risks associated with decreased patient mobility when catheters are in place, such as life threatening blood clots. But prior research by VA/U M’s Patient Safety Enhancement Program indicated that only 1 in 10 hospitals use reminders to prompt removal of urinary catheters.

In most hospitals, four steps are needed to remove a urinary catheter: 1. the physician recognizes it is there; 2. the physician recognizes it is unnecessary; 3. the physician writes an order for removal; and 4. A nurse removes the catheter according to the order. Catheter reminder systems function by bypassing several of these steps.

The reminders can take many forms, such as stickers placed on charts or on catheter bags that remind nurses or physicians to remove the catheter. Some hospitals, like U M, have used computer generated reminders that appear when someone logs into a patient’s chart online. Stop orders also can be directed at physicians, in which a catheter is discontinued unless a physician directly renews it.

Meddings and her colleagues note that hospitals should nike uk consider “nurse empowered” catheter stop orders, which empower nurses to remove urinary catheters based upon criteria, without requiring the nurse to request an order from physicians. The researchers also found no evidence that reminder systems would lead to c nike uk atheters being removed too early, as catheters did not need to be replaced at higher rates. In a study published in the June issue of Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology, the U M researchers studied the potential of the new policy to enco nike uk urage CAUTI prevention by financially penalizing hospitals when patients develop these complications.

This work revealed that the Medicare policy’s requirements for documentation of hospital acquired CAUTI is a complicated 3 step process for a hospital to correctly document a hospital acquired CAUTI in order to not get paid extra. If any of the details are incorrectly documented, the hospital will mistakenly be paid extra. The researchers found that although hospital acquired CAUTI was a common condition, most cases were not correctly identified in payment requests to insurers because a specific code to identify a UTI as “catheter associated” was very rarely used. Rare use of this catheter code was found similarly at the hospital, state and national level.

“The bottom line is we are hopeful that policies such as non payment for hospital acquired complications such as CAUTI may motivate hospitals to invest in preventive strategies such as catheter reminder systems,” says Meddings. “Yet, the anticipated financial impact of non payment for hospital acquired CAUTI may not be large due to complex implementation details that may require more evaluation and changes in documentation of patient care before these types of policies have the expected financial impact.”

Care Packages for D

I haven been on here f nike uk or a while. To be honest it seemed slightly overwhelming. A lot of things to ge nike uk t together, to do, to buy, but a friend of mine encouraged me to keep going.

So here what I want to do once again. I want to make care packages. Book bags, ziplock bags, tupperware containers. Anything that can be reused and for the most part be waterproof. I will need items likepop top canned foodsEssential items. In the next week I will try to nike uk estimate the cost of an efficient book bag or ziploc bag. I will buy the items to create a complete one and post pictures. Sharing this post, offering advice, what items I should add, organizations or posts that I can also share. Our metro is super useful. I see if I can get that. It mi nike uk ght be a little more difficult to buy new ones since you have to pay $5 and then put money on it, but I will definitely put that on the list :)

morelikekanyebestsaid:I’m not in DC but consider adding tampons and sanitary napkins

I was going to put pads for the women. I can add a few tampons to that as well. Thanks for reminding me of that.