Jennifer Capriati won the A Classic over Chanda Rubin yesterday to continue her summer revival tour a tour that has seen the 23 year old show flashes of her past phenom form and a tour that now targets the U.

S. Open.

“When I started working with Harold (coach Harold Solomon) we figured it would take some time,” Capriati said after her 6 1, 3 6, 6 2 victory in Ma nike id hwah, N.

J. The relationship paid immediate dividends when she won a tournament in Strasbourg in the spring and followed that up with a round of 16 showing at the French Open.

Since that time, she has frequently displayed the explosive ground game that once had her ranked as high as sixth in the world before personal problems drove her from the game. This is Capriati’s first full time year on the tour since 1993.

“That’s the hardest part,” said Capriati, 23. “Just feeling like I have to catch up and waiting for that moment when I say I’m actually there. After blitzing through the first set like she’d left her iron on at home, Capriati failed to capitalize on a 2 0 lead in the second. Rubin rallied to take the set, but Capriati’s game returned in the third. The title was Capriati’s third at the Classic, an exhibition event.

“I thought I played really well. I lost the second set but it was more because of her play,” Capriati said. “I feel pretty confident. I’m maybe 70 or 80% of where I want to be. While citing the Open as a goal, she admitted to not wanting to overemphasize the event.

“I believe I can be higher ranked than I am now (43rd),” Capriati said. “Right now I don’t want to put pressure on myself. I’ll know when I can’t get any better. We’ll see when that is. I feel I can only go up from here. Cheney defeated Patricia Stuhler, 6 4, 6 0, to win the U.

S. National Women’s 80’s singles title. The women took the court at noon with the thermometer at 105 degrees. The victory marked the 303rd U.

S. national title for Cheney, who won the 1938 Australian championsh nike id ip.

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Capri Sun Bag Tutorial

Where you stitch the handles is up to you. They could be attached on the inside our outside of the bag, right at the top or a few inches down.

The most important part of sewing on the handles is sewing them on securely. Straight stitch a rectangle at the end of the strap. Then, sew an in the middle of the rectangle. Backstitch or zigzag to secure.

At this point nike id , you can cut a piece of cardboard to fit in the bottom of the bag, or use as is. This makes a fantastic reusable grocery bag. Take it to the store and buy some more drink pouches. just to see what the cashier says.

The Finished Bag: See the finished Capri Sun Bag. When you are done with this project, we would love to see it. Upload a photo. You could be featured on the DIY Fashion blog, in our newsletter and all the social media nike id in between. I love to get the word out about great handmade work.

(Need help? Ask Rain on Facebook.)

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Capitol Alert Insider Edition

If you are environmentally conscious, you might feel that plastic grocery sacks are public enemy No. 1. However, cities attempting litter and waste reductions by imposing bans on plastic bags are seeing serious unintended consequences that are proving to be more troublesome and more damaging to the environment than the original problem.

The path America is taking to resolve the plastic bag issue is neither sound economically, nor greener, healthier or more nike id responsible. A true solution exists, but we must stop ignoring the negative outcomes from current plastic bag bans simply to score political points or claim a victory for the environment.

When a bag ban is enacted, the use of both reusable bags 90 percent of which are imported from China and paper bags jump significantly. Life cycle studies show that imported reusable bags must be reused more than 50 times to provide an environmental benefit comparable to that of using a plastic bag only once.

Perhaps most troubling is evidence that where local bans on plastic bags have been implemented, there has been an exponential increase in the use of paper bags. Sadly, the anti plastic lobby and public policymakers are now ignoring the fact that a single use paper bag requires cutting down and shipping trees to be manufactured, using millions more gallons of water, energy and chemicals. The process emits staggering amounts of industrial pollution and destroys animal habitats. Yet, this is somehow now an acceptable alternative to plastic bags.

Plastic bags replaced paper bags 30 years ago because plastic was considered environmentally superior to paper. This illogical willingness to return to paper bags misses the point entirely: The desired solution is to preserve resources, reduce waste and effectively recycl nike id e.

We all want products that are made with recycled content, are reusable, require fewer resources to produce and can be effectively recycled at the end of life. Products that meet these standards are smarter. Using this scorecard, the issue isn’t whether Americans want or need plastic it is finding ways to develop smarter pl nike id astic.

Smarter plastic and the solution to the plastic bag dilemma have already been implemented in many European countries. Plastic grocery bags in Europe have evolved from a thin material, which was difficult to reuse and recycle, to the now thicker reusable plastic bags made from recycled plastic.

European consumers bring their own bags or pay approximately 15 cents to purchase a recycled reusable plastic bag, which is strong enough to be reused many times over. Consumers are encouraged to return worn plastic reusable bags to the stores in exchange for new bags, creating a closed loop “bag for life” system.

What’s more, industrial and agricultural plastic is also collected, recycled and sold to domestic plastic bag manufacturers in order to make environmentally preferable and affordable reusable bags. Jobs are kept local. Carbon footprints are lowered. Waste is diverted. Consumers are happy an nike id d involved. The solution is sensible, simple and sustainable.

Here in California, we send an estimated 150million pounds of agricultural plastic straight to landfills every year. Instead, we can implement a common sense and sustainable solution that moves us forward by recycling plastic for the purpose of making reusable, recyclable bags.

Continuing to vilify plastic or ban items because they are not being recycled, even when they can be, is a dead end. Reducing the number of bags, and recycling with a purpose, are the answer.

To make this a reality, this solution must be embraced, whether by legislation or by grass roots community action. Grocers must demand their plastic bag suppliers produce affordable reusable plastic bags. Plastic bag manufacturers must embrace recycling and create the next generation of smarter reusable grocery sacks. The consumer must also make the effort to bring their reusable bags when on any shopping trip.

These changes will be good for the environment, the consume, and the economy. The policy already works in Europe. It can work here too.

Pete Grande is CEO of Command Packaging and Encore Recycling, a new venture in Salinas.

Christine Flowers is executive director of Keep California Beautiful and an adjunct lecturer in environmental studies at California State University, Sacramento.