CCTV images last clue to woman’s disappearance

CCTV image s show missing ABC employee Jill Meagher talking to a man as she was walking home, minutes before her suspicious disappearance.

Melbourne police say the footage shows the 29 year old woman walking outside a bridal dress shop in Sydney Rd, Brunswick, about 1.40am local time on Saturday.

He then walks off ahead of her and she waits behind for a moment, then continues walking. The images are the last known sighting of the woman before she vanished. Her disappearance has triggered a homicide investigation amid fears she has met with foul play.

Homicide squad chief John Potter said police had grave concerns for Meagher, who had not been heard of since the early hours of Saturday morning despite widespread media coverage and had not accessed her bank account.

He said the CCTV showed Meagher and six other people, whom they have urged to contact Crime Stoppers.

Police are particularly keen to speak to the man in the blue hoodie, who walked past the CCTV camera twice before talking to Meagher.

“There may be a rational explanation to what’s happened but he certainly could help us,” Detective Inspecto r Potter said. One of the men in the footage can be seen looking back and “must have seen something”. .

Meagher left Bar Etiquette in Sydney Rd at 1.33am on Saturday.

She then appeared to have crossed Sydney Rd and then started to walk north, Potter said.

He said Meagher appeared to be holding her mobile phone in the footage. “We think she’s holding her phone and it’s possible she’s either about to phone or is phoning someone.”

She called her brother in Perth at 1.43 1.45am, just after the footage ends.

Meagher was carrying an ABC bag and her handbag.

The bag was found in a nearby lane on Monday morning and police believe it may have been planted there.

One police theory is that Meagher may have been abduct ed or had some kind of struggle after the phone call with her brother.

“In fact we’re looking more and more at that as a possibility.”

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CCTV image of man police want to question over charity bag thefts

Police want to speak to this man regarding a theft from a charity shopThe release of the CCTV image follows the theft of a bag of donated goods from outside Cancer Research UK in Newmarket High Street at 7.45am on Tuesday, October 4.A passer by saw a man riding a red bicycle pick the bag up from outside the shop and try to fix it onto the front of his bike.The witness shouted at him and he dropped the bag and cycled off in the direction of the Rutland Arms Hotel and then down High Street.The man has been described as white and he was wearing jeans, grey trainers and a baseball cap.P olice have also received reports of two similar incidents which took place outside the charity shop at around the same time on Monday, December 5 and Tuesday, October 25.Pc Lee Sampher of the Newmarket Safer Neighbourhood Team said: are ke en to hear from anyone who may have witnessed any of these incidents or may have seen the man on the bike around town. We also like to hear from the man in the image who could be of assistance to our enquiries.also like to remind everyone that they shouldn leave donation bags outside charity shops and instead wait for the usual opening hours when the shop is staffed. Newmarket police on 101 with any information.

CCTV grab nails suspect

Within five hours of luggage being reported missing by a railway passenger, the Government Railway Police (GRP) traced the missing bags with the help of CCTV footage and returned them to the rightful owners.

The bags contained over Rs. 1 lakh and 20 sovereigns of gold jewellery, worth over Rs. 5 lakh.

They had two bags containing cash and jewellery with them at the time. When they got up to leave after eating, Thenarasu found the bags missing. immediately alerted the hotel staff and they directed me to the GRP personnel. The policemen came to the restaurant and checked the CCTV footage, said Thenarasu.

The police narrowed in on a man who seemed to be in his 30s and had come to the restaurant with his family. tracked the debit card he had used to settle the food bill and found his name and contact number from the bank, said V. Ponramu, deputy superintendent of police, GRP, Chennai Central.

The suspect turned out to be Karthikeyan (28), an employee of a private bank. contacted over phone, he said he was in Tirupati with his family members. We asked him to hand over the bags immediately, said Mr. Ponramu.

The bags along with the valuables wer e handed over to the owners the same day. The police are enquiring if Karthikeyan took the bags intentionally or b y mistake. swift action by the police helped us in getting our valuables back, said Thenarasu.

Meanwhile, the GRP propose to use CCTV cameras to nab touts at Central railway station. They will also keep tabs on porters overcharging. There are 82 CCTV cameras at Chennai Central and the GRP monitor them from a control room.

have been complaints about unregistered porters fleecing commuters by charging Rs. 1,000 for carrying luggage. Some autorickshaw and cab drivers also overcharge. We will monitor such characters and nab them, said V. Ponramu.

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Really a great achievement. Good. Kudos to the team, which used the existing technology.

Posted on: Jul 13, 2013 at 17: 10 IST

Very good / timely achievement by using the resources available now. Better facilities and bette sevices can still b e improved by utilising the modern devices installed in public places especially in the places like railway station , bus stand . porter and auto menance can also be checked by whole hearted involvement of officials. This will help for people coming to the place forthe first time after a long hours of journey with no other local support.