cent tax on grocery bags

cities to attempt a g nike store uk rocery bag fee aimed at helping the environment.

City officials are nike store uk considering a proposal that would put a tax on supermarket bags, and it’s likely that many stores would try to pass the extra cost on to consumers. The measure is primarily being pushed by environmentalists who view plastic grocery bags as a menace, not as a modern marvel of convenience.

“Folks take the free plastic bag for granted,” says Mark Murray of Californians Against Waste, which supports the proposal. “The idea is to use the fee to communicate there is a dollar and cents impact.”

Plastic bags, which account for 90% of the city’s grocery sacks and cause its recycling machines to jam, aren’t the only target of the tax. Both paper and plastic bags litter the city’s streets. As a result, according to a study by the city’s Environment Department, the 50 million paper and plastic grocery bags used in San Francisco each year cost the city 17 cents apiece for cleanup and other costs, adding up to $8.5 million.

If the measure is enacted, San Francisco will once again be at the forefront of environmental activism.

Millions of barrels of oil a year are required to make the USA’s plastic bags.

Bags stack up in landfills.

Plastic bags add to plastic debris in the ocean, which hurts marine life.

Source: San Francisco Department of Environment

But the grocery and plastic industries say city officials should bag the idea.

The fee “is an incredible amount of money to a consumer,” says Paul Smith of the California Grocers Association. “Before you know it, that’s an extra dollar to your food bill every time you go shopping.”

The city’s Commission on the Environment will consider the idea today. If it agrees to the resolution, which is non binding, it would have to gain approval of the mayor and the city’s Board of Supervisors to take effect.

Murray says plastic bags also add to the growing amount of plastic in the ocean, which chokes marine life. bag making demands 14 million trees and 12 million barrels of oil the main ingredient in many plastics each year. The American Plastics Council and the American Forest Paper Association say those numbers are inaccurate.

Only supermarkets grossing more than $2 million a year would pay the fee. The stores would keep half the money for programs to discourage use of disposable grocery bags. nike store uk The city would get the other half.

Murray says people could cut bag consumption by declining a bag when they buy one item and by taking reusable bags to the market.

The plastics industry argues that the proposal would come at a high cost for little benefit. Eliminating the use of 50 million plastic bags would save only 2,100 barrels of oil, says Rob Krebs of the American Plastics Council.

That’s “equivalent to taking (roughly) 90 SUVs off the road,” Krebs says, a “very minute number compared to the 600,000 to 1 million vehicles in San Francisco.”

The San Francisco proposal is similar to other measures in Ireland, South Africa, Bangladesh, Australia, China and Taiwan, which ban plastic bags or charge a fee to nike store uk use them.

cent plastic bag fee would help restore Barnegat Bay

The proposal to charge consumers a 5 cent fee for each plastic bag they use at the supermarket checkout and other retail outlets is a smart solution to our waste plagued environment. Sen. Bob Smith (D Middlesex), the primary sponsor of the bill, calls it environmental two fer because it will reduce the waste stream and raise money to restore Barnegat Bay.

Retailers would have to charge the fee beginning in 2014, and offer only recyclable paper or plastic bags by 2015. They have the option of rewarding customers who use reusable bags. A bag fee is a good idea, and much better than an earlier proposal that would have banned plastic bags altogether.

Who hasn grimaced at seeing a landscape despoil nike store uk ed by shreds of a plastic bag flapping off a tree branch, or snagged on shrubbery? And we don need to tell you what happens when plastic bags clog storm drains.

Closer to home is the deterioration of Barnegat Bay, caused in large part from overdevelo nike store uk pment and the run off of fertilizers. Gov. Chris Christie pledged early in his term to clean up the bay. He has some achievements in this area, including the planned shutdown of the Oyster Creek nuclear plant that has warmed the bay water and led to its decline. He also signed off on new controls for the use of fertilizers. Funds have been dedicated for improved storm water basins.

All good, but not nearly enough to reverse the continuing onslaught of pollutants and heal Barnegat Bay at last. Christie blocked bills that woul nike store uk d have charged fees to developers and homeowners in Ocean County to clean the bay, and conditionally vetoed another bill that would have finally nike store uk set standards for how much pollution to permit in the bay.

Cent Plastic Bag Fee Delayed

Legislation proposed by City Councilman Frank DiCicco and Jim Kenney to put a 25 cent fee on every plastic bag given to customers at stores in Philadelphia is being delayed during this morning’s weekly Council session. It’s clear that some Council members want changes to the legislation. DiCicco played off the delay with a joke in Council’s caucus meeting.

“I’m holding this because it’s a rainy day and some people didn’t bring an umbrella and need the plastic bags to hold over their heads,” DiCicco quipped nike store uk .

The legislation, designed to cut down on litter, requires businesses with more than $1 million in annual sales to give 75 percent of the bag fee to the city. Businesses with less revenue would keep the fee.

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